When and How Much Water You Should Drink? 


In this article, you will learn how much and when to drink water, as well as how useful it is drinking water compared to other drinks.


Pure drinking water is an important component of a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. It affects both the functioning of the body as a whole and our productivity, giving us a sense of energy, freshness, and joy in life.


The importance of water in the body


 Our body constantly feels the need for fresh water, as it constantly uses it in the process of breathing, as well as with sweat, urine, and other secretions.


Water plays an important role in dissolving and transporting nutrients to all organs from the outside. And if the body does not regularly receive the right amount of water it becomes dehydrated therefore, the quality of life, drops significantly. Only 2% of the dehydration of the body will have a huge impact on our health.


Does Drinking Water Help Curb Hunger?


The feeling of thirst is connected with the feeling of hunger, and water helps us regulate our appetite, which is important for maintaining shape. Remember that losing weight is always recommended to drink plenty of waters.


Are You Drinking Water at the Right Times


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Many experts are tended to believe that it is useful to drink water in at least three cases, not counting thirst:

  1. Half an hour before main meals (on an empty stomach)
  2. During and after training
  3. Immediately after waking up

A glass of water after sleep allows you to turn on metabolism, the digestive system, and allow the body to wake up faster.

There is also an opinion that it is not necessary to drink water immediately before a meal, as it dilutes the secreted gastric juice, which is why the digestive system experiences great stress.


How much water should you drink per day?

 The daily water requirement for each of us may differ and depends on the properties of the body, environmental conditions, the nature of food intake, and work. For me, the basic rule is this: Listen to your body signals and drink when you are truly thirsty.

Avoid drinking too much water when you do not feel the need for it, just because you were advised to drink 2 or 3 liters of fluid per day. Excess water is no less harmful than its lack.


Health Benefits of Coffee and Tea


How much and how to drink water, we found out. Let’s now look at how water is different in terms of benefits from tea, coffee, and other drinks? The difference is this: any drink except pure water is liquid food. Our body has a light system that maintains in the intercellular fluid the desired level of vital substances – salts, sugars, minerals, amino acids, and so on. Any drink – coffee, tea, juice – just like eating makes changes to these levels.


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Scientists at the University of North Carolina have proven that the absorption of calories from drinks is more effective than from solid foods and, if desired, liquids can be just as good to eat as food. 


Can Green Tea Replace Water

On the other hand, drinks can contain many beneficial substances that are not found in plain water. For example, regular consumption of green tea is good for your health, and this does not mean that you should not drink it, but only drink water.






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