Top Five best cartoons


Top Five best cartoons






  • Variety of  Animals as a Cartoon:


A modern city populated by a wide variety of animals, from huge elephants to tiny mice. Zootopia is divided into areas that completely repeat the natural habitat of different residents. There is also an elite area, Sahara Square and the inhospitable Tundratown. 



  • An Amazing story of Zootopia:


A new police officer appears in this city, a cheerful rabbit Judy Hopps, who from the first days of work understands how difficult it is to be small and fluffy among large and strong police officers. Judy grabs the first opportunity to prove herself, despite the fact that chatty, cunning fox Nick Wilde will be her partner. Together, they will have to solve a complex matter, on which the fate of all the inhabitants of Zootopia will depend.



How to Train Your Dragon 2


how to train your dragon 2


  • A Fight Between Vikings and Dragons:


Five years have passed since reconciliation between the Vikings and the dragons. While Astrid, Morelka and the rest of the guys spend their time competing with each other in the popular dragon races on the island. Ikking and Toothless travel through the sky, making a map of unknown places. 



  • Discovery of a Secret Ice Cave:


When one of their adventures leads to the discovery of a secret ice cave, which is home to hundreds of previously unseen wild dragons. The mysterious dragon rider, two friends find themselves at the center of the battle to defend the world.


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The Croods


the croods


  • Destruction by an Earthquake:


The earthquake destroyed the home of the prehistoric family, and now the Kurds will have to look for another refuge. And around a new and dangerous world!



  • A Grug Family:


They come to the aid of the young nomad Malaya, whose advanced views run into the conservatism of the head of the Grug family. But only together they can survive and achieve their goal …


Monsters University


Monsters University


  • A Story of Monsters:


Mike and Sally are the most experienced intimidators in Monstropolis, but this has not always been the case. 



  • A Strong Friendship of  Monsters:


When they first met, these completely different monsters could not stand each other. “Monster University” is the story of how our old friends went from mutual hostility to strong friendship.




Despicable Me 2

despicable 2


  1. A Former Supervillain:

While Crane, a former supervillain, is adapting to family life and trying to earn money in the business with honest labor, the secret laboratories of the Arctic are stolen. The Anti-Villain League decides that it needs the help of God and his recruits in the investigation. 


Mutual Attraction:


Together with the eccentric agent Lucy Wilde, Grew concludes that his main suspect is the deceased supervillain, El Macho. Blinded by his children and a growing mutual attraction with Lucy, Grew is on the wrong track.



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