The best Hairstyles for those who are too Lazy to bother


There is a whole movement called Wash and go, that is,” washed and gone. ” Therefore, there are many options, such as cutting your hair so that before any exit you can just straighten your hair with your hands. 



Long, straight, shiny, well-groomed hair is already a chic hairstyle that does not require any varnishes and mousses, and a correctly trimmed one length is always a relevant classic.  A multi-layer haircut is ideal for straight hair. This hairstyle will not need to belong and hard to style, and it will give the hair a natural volume and maximum movement. 


  • What is the Best Solution for Thin Hairs to Achieve the Volume?


Well, there is no better solution for thin hair, how to make a short haircut. A stylish short hairstyle will not only eliminate the need to constantly conjure over hair and achieve volume, but also revitalize the image, making it bold, bold and interesting. ”




  • All kinds of braids, knots, and weaving do not lose their positions for more than one season in a row. Weaving can be in any order, quantity, and direction.
  • A high braid will visually increase the back of the head and lengthen the neck, and a spike familiar from childhood is perfect for fans of folk music.
  • If, however, boxing braids or hair pulled up is not quite about you, then we advise you to take a closer look at the more romantic version of a spikelet with light waves.




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An elegant alternative to braids – twisted plaits. Apply a texturing spray to dry hair to form a hair structure and create the effect of “beach”, slightly curly curls. Make a small comb using a thin-comb comb.  Then take one strand at the temples and twist them into bundles, securing to the back of the head with small silicone rubber.





  • Give the hair a volume at the crown, then collect the hair in a ponytail on the back of the head. 
  • Make a small hole at the base of the tail and thread the tail itself a couple of times. 
  • Then take one strand from the tail and wrap an elastic band around it. Fasten your hair with invisibility.





A win-win option is always loose hair with light curls.




A simple but decent replacement for classic bundles. Carefully comb the hair, then twist two equal parts in volume into twigs.  To make the image more cute and gentle help bangs or locks on the face. More courageous experimenters are advised to stock up with glitter and feel free to put it on the parting.




  • Another way to combine classic hairstyles with beachy waves, so beloved by fashionistas from around the world. 
  • We apply sea salt to towel-dried hair, allow the hair to dry, and finally twist a small bundle at the back of the head.
  • Do not forget to give styling completeness with the help of varnish to boldly go and have fun, without worrying about maintaining the hairstyle.


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