The benefits of water for the body

You hear that you need to drink water all the time, but you rarely hear the reasons. Sure, you know you’re supposed to be “dehydrated,” but you may not even know what that means. Let’s look at the meaning behind hydration and why you should drink water.


Strengthens the skin

It is proved that the daily drinking of water has a beneficial effect on skin cells, preventing dryness, the water “nourishes” to the skin from the inside.

So think about whether to spend that kind of money on products that moisturize your skin or drink water.


Removes toxins

Scientists believe that the normal amount of kidney activity is provided by the right amount of clean water used by humans.

As you know, the kidneys are a natural filter of the body, and water helps to eliminate toxins from the gastrointestinal tract, and more so through the kidneys.


Reduces the risk of heart attack

Experts in the field of “heart affairs” claim that five glasses of pure water drunk during the day reduces the risk of a heart attack by up to 70%!


Natural joint lubricant

It is proved that a lack of water in the body can cause muscle cramps. Water is the main component in the formation of “lubricant” material of joints and muscles. To prevent muscle cramps during sports drinking water is recommended before and after training.


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Restores energy

Just imagine that during the day with breathing, sweating, urination, etc. we lose about ten glasses of liquid. How moisture loss affects the body, I think there is no need to explain. Dehydration causes more than headaches and muscle cramps. Loss of moisture makes us irritable and affects concentration.

Conclusion: Water is necessary for the normal functioning of all organs and systems of our body.


Digestive system Needs Water

Water is essential for healthy digestion. Water not only prevents constipation but also removes the “waste” of the body. Moreover, it participates in all chemical processes of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT), helping to deliver nutrients and remove old ones.


Reduces the risk of infectious diseases

Lack of water is a direct way to dehydrate the body, and dehydration leads to a huge “hole” in the immune system. A decrease in immunity leads to the fact that we get sick more often, and we tolerate infectious diseases harder.


Regulates body temperature

Water as a temperature regulator in our body works approximately like a cooling system in a car engine. A heated body, for example, after playing sports, requires restorative fluid, which is drinking water.


Burns fat

And it is true. See, if you take into account the energy-consuming processes, which, for example, is the formation of muscle tissue. The more calories burned, the more water is required, because in the process of sweating, not only liquid and toxins, but also fat are released to the surface through sweat glands and pores.


Improves overall health

Remember the doctor’s phrase at the bed of a patient with acute respiratory infections: “drink plenty of waters.” Water acts on the body as an antipyretic, and also removes any “waste” from the body.

So drink water for your health! Just remember, an adult can absorb no more than 120 ml of water in 10 minutes.

Drink and do not overdo it! Health to you!


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