Ten most popular excuses for an unhealthy lifestyle


In order to start a healthy lifestyle, a strong will is needed. To prove inaction, they come up with excuses. Consider ten popular excuses for having an unhealthy lifestyle. 


The decision to start a healthy lifestyle need a strong-willed and implement a healthy routine. “I’ll start tomorrow” or “Most likely I will” – phrases that prevent from starting a healthy life. These are just excuses for inaction.


How to Motivate Yourself for Healthy lifestyle 

A person has no motivation because he so desires. It is necessary to make all effort to self-motivate for further progress. It is essential to properly set up consciousness and create an environment that will help you start a healthy lifestyle. Reading books on the topic “Health, Sport” will help you find inspiration for work.


What are Excuses for Unsuitable weather 

Another excuse for protecting the Healthy lifestyle. Does it interfere with rain, wind, or cold to do a morning run before work? In this case, there are specially designated places for playing sports – a gym, a swimming pool, and you can also do a set of exercises at home.


No time for Cooking 

Not true. Cooking a hamburger will take as much time as you need to cut fresh vegetables. Allocating physical exercises per day is enough to allocate 30 minutes and not 3-4 hours.


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Don’t Know How to Start

The main thing is to start acting from the first moment after the decision is to become healthy. No need to try to maximize in one evening to study all the information shown on the Internet or books. It is enough to understand the principles of nutrition, physical activity, and good rest. You are afraid to do something wrong, sign up for a trial lesson with a fitness trainer, nutritionist.


I am Healthy Don’t Need need to Care 

There are such people who eat junk food, live a settled lifestyle and at the same time remain completely healthy. But, this is all temporary. It is better not to wait for the sign of serious condition from the wrong lifestyle. Health can weaken, and some diseases appear only at an older age.


How to Convince Family for Healthy Eating

It is difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle when others do the opposite. To change the situation is not difficult; it is recommended to show loved ones that it is good for health. When one person is ready for major changes, then other family members will begin to repeat over time.


A healthy lifestyle is expensive

Bad habits, fast food, and other harmful food will cost more. Having given up alcohol or smoking, you can buy a lot of vegetables, fruits, fresh meat with the money received, as well as purchase a subscription to the pool or fitness room.


It’s hard to start.

It is enough to start with the simplest thing – walk for 15-20 minutes daily or do seven squats, push-ups. Switch to proper nutrition – gradually, replacing harmful foods with healthy ones.


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I’m old to start

It is never too late to start applying Healthy Activities. The human body is able to recover quickly. It is worth remembering that an unhealthy lifestyle accelerates the aging process of the body.


Do not like healthy food and exercise.

Junk food only has a real effect on taste buds. It is for the reason that simple vegetables and other healthy foods do not seem tasty. Start adding small amounts of dried fruits, nuts, and fresh vegetables and fruits to your diet.





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