Strength Exercises: Mistakes to be Avoided

Have you been training for a long time, or have you just recently started strength training? Maybe you need to ask yourself, is your training suitable for you?

This article will help you understand what mistakes should be avoided and what rules should be followed.


I Want to See the Results Immediately

Everyone is preferred to set goals that are too ambitious. Very often we hope to achieve many results, but without making much effort to achieve our goals (for example, you want to gain muscle mass, and train once a week, but this is not enough).


I Follow Programs for Professional Athletes or High-Level Athletes


Some, without even wondering, begin to follow the training programs of famous athletes, which are posted in vast quantities on the Internet. Many are sure that it will be enough to reproduce the same movements to achieve the same results.


On effectiveness is influenced by many factors (training, physical qualities, mental qualities, technique, luck, environment, etc.). Training alone does not guarantee results. Each of us has individual characteristics. 


I Work With to Heavyweights

A mistake that should not be made is the desire to work with heavyweight, and immediately.

In any case, focus on the technicality of the movement. Proper execution technique ensures safe operation and reduces the risk of injury.


I Do Not Think about the Movement

If you do not know what the correct movement is and why it is needed, your training will not make much sense. It is essential to consult sports instructors or professional (qualified) athletes to help you choose the right exercises and adjust your movements.

A poorly performed exercise can lead to less efficient muscle work or poor perception. Example: a squat with a trouser with the body too inclined forward will cause the muscles to work harder along the spine and worsen the work of the hips.


I Do Not Stretch

Stretching is often overlooked, but it plays a vital role in training. It has significant advantages (affects the strength and muscle mass and promotes recovery). Contrary to common belief, experienced bodybuilders are very flexible. Do not forget about a small stretch after each split.

To develop flexibility it is advisable to do separate stretching exercises (stretching) in between strength training. But do not hold the same position when stretching for more than 30 seconds.


I Dry Muscles without Limits

For muscle drying, which allows you to get a well-drawn relief, you must follow a specific type of training, completely different from the phase of training aimed at gaining weight. Not the nutrition itself, but the combination of training/diet is crucial.


The most common mistakes during drying are usually found in terms of cardio training: just like in strength exercises, where you have to work on the load, in cardio training, work is done on the heart rate. An ideal zone for burning fat is the pulse zone of lipolysis, located in the range from 70 to 80% of the maximum heart rate (max. Heart rate = 226 – age).


In most cases, cardio training takes place in a very intensive mode, as a result of which not only fat mass is lost, but also a large amount of muscle mass.

To avoid muscle atrophy, do systematic cardio training in the zone of 70 – 80% of maximum heart rate and gradually increase protein intake.


I’m not Eating Right

Pay attention to nutrition, and especially to dietary supplements! Nutrition itself should bring out healthy elements.

The intake of dietary supplements should be appropriate. In general, why take proteins if they are already in sufficient quantities in your food. This is risky because it threatens to overload the body, and in particular, the renal system. All surpluses in the body are either eliminated or processed.

Therefore, it is better to consult a nutritionist before starting a workout and do not show excessive independence. 


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