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Netflix will spend $ 8 billion this year on content production — more than the annual budgets of some small but proud countries. With this money, the company is going to make 700 original films and TV shows. It is the quantity that the service plans to attract new subscribers and, of course, keep the old ones (while Amazon and Disney are on their heels). Hopefully, not at the expense of quality. In the meantime, we offer you a selection of 5 Netflix TV shows that you don’t mind spending time on.

The Crown

the crown


  • Amazing Directing and Acting:


This series is for thoughtful viewing, so do not expect from dashing plot twists or unpretentious dialogs. Despite the unhurried narrative. The Crown captures attention from the first minutes – first of all, thanks to amazing directing and acting. 



  • Early Years of  the Reign of Elizabeth II:


The first two seasons show the early years of the reign of Elizabeth II: the way she built communication with Winston Churchill, experienced the difficulties of marriage, received the Kennedy couple in Buckingham Palace and much more.  The series has been extended for another two seasons in which we will see Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana, but in general, the authors plan to shoot six seasons and talk about the Queen’s reign until now. 



  • The show is Loved by the Audience:


Claire Foy and Matt Smith (the performers of the roles of Elizabeth II and the Prince of Edinburgh Philip), beloved by the audience, will not appear in the sequel – in connection with the growing up of heroes, castes will be updated every two seasons. 


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  • The third Season will Be Coming Soon:


In the third season, in the role of Prince Philip, we will see Tobias Menzies, the star of the Alien, Elizabeth II will be played by Olivia Coleman, and her sister, Princess Margaret, will be Helena Bonham Carter.

Mind Hunter / Mindhunter



  • David Fincher Series:


The David Fincher series is based on a book by John Douglas, a former FBI agent who was the first in the bureau to create profiles of criminals, describing their habits and ways of thinking, trying to predict their actions. He interviewed the most notable serial killers of recent times – including Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, and John Gacy.


  • A Serial Killer in the Series:


A critic of the “three-act” movie Fincher directed a tough series, in which he focused on the development of characters. He does not show famous maniacs like Manson, but almost the only serial killer in the series is the necrophile Ed Kemper, the usual quiet bespectacled man, the exact opposite of Hannibal Lecter.


  • Mind Hunter:


It may seem to someone that “Mind Hunter” has too many conversations and too little action. But what else to expect from the series, based on a guide to communicating with psychopaths? By the way, he will have a second season.


Stranger Things

Stranger Things


  • Interesting series:


Half the world goes crazy on this series and the young actors. They played in it have already become superstars and signed up for big projects – for example, next year we will see Finn Wolfhard in the adaptation of Carduelis Donna Tartt. 


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  • The Story is based on the Cultures of 1980:


This is an exciting and incredibly touching homage to the culture of the 1980s: films by Stephen Spielberg, George Lucas, books by Stephen King and other significant works of that period. 



  • An Action Series In Hawkins Indiana:  


The action takes place in the fictional city of Hawkins in Indiana, where a little boy suddenly disappears.  His family and friends set off in search of, but accidentally reveal a gloomy secret, which involves the government, mystical creatures and a little girl with supernormal abilities.



Narco / Narcos



  • The Series on Famous Drug Lord:


Much has been said and filmed about the rise and fall of the most famous drug lord in the world, Pablo Escobar. But the authors of Narco managed to find their point of view: leaving many biographical facts outside the brackets. 



  • The Series Shows Glory of Columbia and Poverty:


They focused on showing Colombia in all its glory 1970−80- x, the poverty of people. Their fear and admiration for the “cocaine king”, the cruelty and unscrupulousness of the cartel and those who fight against it. 


  • A Documentary Series:


The series has a lot of blood, Spanish and documentary inserts, but there is no fixation on Escobar’s personality – which is good for him. Netflix is ​​preparing a fourth season that has been overshadowed threats by the Escobar family and killing assistant producer of the series in the state of Mexico.


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