How to care for oily skin

Surely every girl noticed that in the summer, oily skin becomes moody. Shine immediately after applying makeup, an increased tendency to clog pores, inflammation – this is just a small list of problems that overtake owners of oily skin in the summer.

So, how to enjoy warmth and sun, and not to suffer because of the notions of oily skin?


Treatment With Sun raises

There is a myth that the sun’s rays help fight acne, and girls with oily skin try to spend a lot of time in the sun. As a result, the skin begins to produce even more sebum, new blackheads and comedones appear. The excess of the sun, the bactericidal properties of sebum are suppressed, and as a result, already existing acne becomes inflamed.

Conclusion: do not stay in the sun for a long time and be sure to use a cream with Sun Cream




Since the skin produces a lot of sebum due to sunlight, it needs to be cleaned very carefully. The optimal washing regimen is two times a day. If you wash your face more often, it will increase the riot of the sebaceous glands. For washing, use foams and gels without the content of SLS and SLeS ( anionic detergent) with the content of components that reduce fat content.

Conclusion: wash 2 times a day, applying foams with soft surfactants.



As a tonic, use toners for oily skin without alcohol, a sage broth or ice from green tea. In addition to the morning toning procedure, take a tonic or decoction into the office, and wipe the skin 3-4 times. This will reduce sebum secretion, and will allow you to feel freshness throughout the day.

If you use foundation or powder, your option for the day is thermal water. It does not damage makeup, perfectly moisturizes, and tones the skin.

Conclusion: for the summer, choose tonics without alcohol. Tone your skin 4-5 times a day.


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Many girls make the mistake of not using face creams in summer. This leads to dehydration of the skin and, as a consequence, even more excellent work of the sebaceous glands. Choose light texture creams for the summer, free of oils and other “heavy” components. Make sure that there is an SPF factor in a day cream.

If you have very oily skin, refuse to use a night cream for the summer period, replacing it with a tonic for sensitive skin. It will soothe the skin after a hot day, relieve inflammation, and perfectly nourish.

Conclusion: do not refuse to use creams. Choose lightweight textures with SPF content.


Replace Powder with foundation

In the summer, refuse to use foundation, replacing it with powder. Liquid tones under the influence of heat, due to their composition, can easily clog pores. Also, they enhance the oily finish of the face. But the powder perfectly covers small imperfections, reduces fat content, and does not clog pores. If the powder does not cope with masking, use a concealer before applying the powder.

Conclusion: replace the foundation with powder.



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