How to boost Your immunity System 


What is immunity?

Immunity is protective attributes of the body, which manifested in the ability to detect bacteria and viruses alien to it, as well as to deal with them. Good immunity also determines our health.


Types of Immunity

Two types of immunity are usually distinguished.

  1. Natural (or congenital) immunity
  2.  Artificial immunity – the one that we gain as a result of the common antibodies or vaccines (vaccinations). In this case, the body begins to produce its antibodies, and this ability lasts for many years.

The body begins to create the immune system from birth and finishes its development only after adolescence.

But even the strongest immunity with age can weaken, and any of the following factors can become the fault.


Reasons for a decrease in immunity

  1. Regular stress and depression
  2. Mental and physical overwork
  3. Lack of sleep
  4. Surgery and chemotherapy.
  5. Taking antibiotics and other medicines for a long time
  6. Alcohol use, smoking, and other bad habits
  7. Overeating
  8. Improper nutrition, that is, an excess of fat, sugar, salt, unnatural foods with various harmful dyes and preservatives in the diet
  9. Passive lifestyle
  10. Pregnancy.


Natural Ways boost immunity at home

You can increase the protection of your body and strengthen your immunity with:

  • Body hardening
  • Physical activity
  • proper nutrition, which, in turn, involves
  • The use of healthy natural products
  • Balanced diet
  • Strengthening the body with folk remedies
  • Intake of dietary supplements and vitamins.


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Highly Effective Exercise For Body Hardening 

Hardening Rules

  1. Hardening should only begin when you are healthy.
  2. Temperature reduction should be performed gradually. For example, you can start by simply cleaning with cold water. Then slowly lower the temperature and expand the range (zones) of hardening.
  3. It is important to conduct tempering regularly. Moreover, a runny nose is not a reason to stop it. This is only a reaction of the body to changes.

Hardening Methods

  • Air baths – stay at a temperature of no higher than 15 degrees. Start with 3 minutes and then extend this time for 1-2 minutes every day.
  • Wiping with a wet towel. For 3-4 minutes, rub the back, chest, neck, hips, legs with vigorous movements. The temperature of the water should be lowered gradually, starting from 30 degrees and lowering every week by 5 degrees.
  • Dousing is best done in the morning. Start by partially dousing your body with room temperature water. After a couple of weeks, you can completely pour-over and gradually lower the temperature.
  • A contrast shower helps strengthen the walls of blood vessels and the heart.
  • Walking barefoot. For this procedure, it is not necessary to walk barefoot on the ground. Everything can manage at home. Pour cold water into the bottom of the tub and stand in it for several minutes. Change the duration and temperature gradually.


Hardening procedures have a positive effect on blood circulation, skin condition, help strengthen the walls of blood vessels and generally activate the work of all organs.


Proper nutrition

The most important condition for good immunity is healthy and nutritious food. It is important to exclude from the diet or to minimize the use of harmful products, such as:

  • fats (margarine, mayonnaise),
  • sugar, sweets, cakes.
  • salt,
  • spirits,
  • carbonated drinks,
  • fast food,
  • chips,
  • fried food,
  • sausages and canned food,
  • premium pasta.

Changing your eating habits is a lot easier than it sounds. Indeed, many harmful products can be replaced with 


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