Helpful Makeup Tips for old age Women

Over the years, the condition and structure of the skin changes and social status more often oblige. What makeup secrets should every woman learn by old age to always look the right way?


Replace the powder with a liquid foundation

Over the years, the skin becomes drier due to the fact that the metabolism of the whole organism as a whole and skin cells, in particular, slows down. In order not to emphasize once again dry skin, switch to a moisturizing tonal foundation. Otherwise, you risk that the powder will underline small wrinkles, the existence of which you did not even suspect until now.


Determine which tone of lipstick suits you the most

With age, not only the skin ages, but also the lips change: the sharpness of the outline is erased, they do not become as plump as they were at 20, and turn pale. That is why it is so important to find your lipstick. A correctly selected lipstick will not only emphasize the lips but also visually hide it under the eyes and small wrinkles. Yes, do not be surprised. “Your” lipstick color will draw attention to itself and distract attention from minor imperfections.


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Apply blush to the area where the blush appears naturally

Some ladies apply blush or bronzer on most of their cheeks in the hope that their faces will appear narrower. But in fact, just dark, dirty spots appear on the cheekbones that do not decorate a woman at all.


Stop bringing down the lower eyelid

The bright black line on the lower eyelid was supposed to remain somewhere in the past. Now such a maneuver will make the eyes smaller, and the look will become tired and extinguished. In general, the bright eyeliner of the lower eyelid will add only new years, but it will not decorate you.

If you want to emphasize the bottom row of eyelashes, use soft shadows, and do not forget to blend them.


Do not go beyond the contours of the lips

As we have said, over the years, the natural shape of the lips loses its brightness. When applying lipstick, try not to go beyond the borders of the lips. Otherwise, it will look at least ridiculous and even gone.


Do not overdo the concealer under the eyes

Over the years, the skin under the eyes becomes even thinner and darker. Not surprisingly, women are starting to use more concealer in this area. However, there are pitfalls. Many concealers tend to clog into the smallest folds of skin, no matter how well you blend it in the morning. To avoid this, apply concealer with a thin layer. Choose one that has maximum hiding power but does not look putty.


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Avoid the sparkles

Sequins have a charming tendency to fall and migrate to other parts of the face, where they perfectly seal into all wrinkles. To avoid the image of a sparkling Christmas tree, use shadows with sparkles only in the corners of the eyes. And then in minimal quantities.


Do not forget about eyebrows

If with age you notice that your eyebrows have become less and lighter, then eyebrow makeup is necessary for you. Most likely, by the old age, you have already found your ideal shape, so all that is required of you is to paint them with shadows, wax, or a pencil.


Find “your” eyebrow pencil color

When purchasing an eyebrow pencil, do not grab the first one. Choose a shade of a pencil depending on the color of your hair. Also avoid reddish shades, unless, you are a red-haired young lady.


Use a primer

Perhaps in the old age, you managed to get not only wrinkles but also acne scars and other skin irregularities. To make the tonal foundation flawlessly, use a primer. It not only smooths the surface of the skin but also prolongs the life of the foundation.



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