Fashion Tips for Women

Once the great Coco Chanel said that fashion is changing, and style is forever. She knew what she was talking about. Women with any form and any age can be given a number of tips relevant at all times.


  • Do not follow fashion blindly 


Of course, being fashionable and modern is great, and knowing what’s at the peak of popularity will help you with that. But fashion trends are very diverse, and not all of them will suit absolutely everyone. 

It may seem strange, but if you just look around, and you will see a huge number of women in clothes that they absolutely do not fit, but are fashionable.

  1. Define your body type and wear something that emphasizes your strengths and hides flaws

Another thing that may seem very strange at first glance is how actively many women buy clothes, having absolutely no idea about their own body type. Knowing what type your body is (a pear, an apple, etc.) will help you determine which things are right for you and which ones you need to bypass. 



  • View Your Photo and Analyze It:


The most effective in this situation will be the analysis of your photos. It’s best to view a photo where you are shown not only in front, but also from the side and back. This will help you more than your own image in the mirror. You can also consult with friends about this issue. 

If you can’t do it yourself, ask your loved ones or the seller in the clothing store about it (this is a free service!).


  1. Feel free to part with unnecessary things!
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Most women regularly wear only a small part of their wardrobe, alternating the same outfits over and over. Start with the following: put all the things out of the closet, and then return them one at a time.  This or that thing really deserves to not be thrown out if you are one hundred percent sure that you will put it on in the near future.


  • Give Your Old Things to Any Second-hand Shop:


If you have not worn a certain thing for about a year, then there is nothing to think about. You can not gather strength and throw out old things? Put them in a box or bag and send them to the attic. 

If after six months you have never remembered these things, calmly send them to the nearest second-hand, so that someone else can wear them.

  1. Back to the beginning

After your wardrobe has significantly decreased, it’s time to replenish it with new things that will suit you and in which you will feel comfortable. Let’s start with the simplest. There are certain items of clothing that are in the wardrobe of every woman. 

This is usually a pair of jeans and versatile black dress pants. If you have any, then the next step will be to expand your wardrobe and create your own, individual style. Pay enough attention to the simplest things: quality exceeds quantity, size should be yours. 

Do not be afraid to spend a little more time on this than you would like, because new clothes will please the eye for a long time.

  1. Always try on clothes before making a purchase.
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Too late? Do not want to stand in line at the fitting room? It sounds tempting: to grab the first dress or top that came across – and immediately to the cashier.  But think about it. How often does one piece of clothing just hang in the closet, because when you try it on at home, you realize that it absolutely doesn’t suit you. 

There’s no time or energy to take it back? Purchased clothing costs money! Do not forget about it and, in spite of everything, try it on before you make a purchase!

  1. Remember that the size on the tag is not always true
  • No matter how beautiful a thing maybe, if it does not suit you, it will look unsuccessful. 
  • Knowing your own size in this situation will not help. In one store, clothes of 46 sizes are suitable for you, in another – 44, and in the third – in general, 42. 
  • Take several sizes of the thing you like in the dressing room at once and choose the one that suits you.
  • After all, no one will care what is written on the tag – 44 or 46, it is important how the new thing sits on you.

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