Clothing for overweight women and girls


Overwhelming the world of fashion for incredibly thin, amorphous girls is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Today, designers are increasingly paying attention to the owners of magnificent forms, creating incredibly elegant, stylish models designed to emphasize the beauty and attractiveness of this type of figure. 


Clothing for overweight women and girls


Plus-size models can be found in almost any store, however, the question of what clothes to wear for full girls and women is always relevant.  Few people know how to choose the right outfit that will hide the flaws and emphasize the dignity of the figure. Wardrobe Globe is happy to share with you the secrets of creating irresistible images!


We recommend:

  • Give preference to semi-adjacent styles of a straight cut. Unlike loose clothing, which often looks baggy, such models emphasize the smoothness of bends and the femininity of the silhouette.
  • Refuse tight-fitting clothing, showing all the flaws of the figure.
  • Get elegant, sleek models with a minimum of decor. Stylish pencil skirt, sheath dress or dress pants are always in fashion. Solid models allow you to perceive the image holistically, while the abundance of jewelry, quilling and flounces threaten to visually increase the silhouette where it is not needed at all.



  • Try to Choose the Long Outfit:

long outfit


  • Learning to determine the length of the skirt, you need to master and the art of choosing the right fit. 
  • A classic pencil skirt will hide extra centimeters on the hips and allow you to tighten your stomach. 
  • It will be a great choice for the office. To create a romantic, airy image, A-silhouette models will help, gradually expanding downward. 
  • With skirts on the floor, magnificent ladies should be especially careful, but if you combine this model with high-heeled shoes, you can get the perfect outfit for an evening out.


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  • Attractive and Stylish Dresses:

stylish outfit


The dress makes any lady, regardless of age and type of figure, feminine and attractive. When asked what dresses to wear for full girls, stylists recommend choosing the models in the Greek style.

A-line dresses and high-waisted styles that hide the belly. Plain straight elongated dresses are suitable for small overweight women, it is advisable to wear them with high-heeled shoes. Your wardrobe must have a versatile mid-length sheath dress.



  • Pants



Visually correct the silhouette will help loose in the hips and skinny pants. Such a model will make the legs not only slimmer but also longer. 

Take a closer look at the capri and palazzo styles. Pay attention to models with a wide belt and high waist. For a sporty and casual look, buy pants or carrot jeans.


  • Sweatshirts, blouses, sweaters


Models with flounces and lots of lace, sleeveless tops, as well as large knit sweaters should leave your wardrobe because they only add extra centimeters. Blouses with a sleeve of three quarters or a length just below the elbow, elongated shirts and tunics will help to make a silhouette slimmer. 



  • Peplum Blouse With a Pencil Skirt:


  • A peplum blouse goes well with a pencil skirt or dress pants. 
  • An elongated wraparound blouse will narrow your shoulder line and help hide the fullness of your hips. 
  • Blouse sizes with asymmetric cuts, as well as high-waisted models are stealing.


  • Make Your Looks Smarter:


Forget about lush fur coats, your option is a mink, a beaver, a smooth muton. Their delicate, flowing fur will make the silhouette elegant, and the image – incredibly stylish and noble.


  • Be Confident Whatever You are Wearing:


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When choosing an outfit, remember that magnificent forms are a reason for pride, and not complexes. First of all, you should like yourself, and the outfit should match your mood and feelings, emphasizing the dignity of the figure. 

In the catalog of clothes for the full of our site, you will find just such models!



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