Best Movies on Netflix Right Now

Best Movies on Netflix Right Now

Netflix, which has changed the world of cinema and television since its debut, is among us with new productions almost every month. Netflix, which invests millions of dollars in these productions, which include many actors and directors, sometimes does not reach the quality they want. However, Netflix has improved considerably over time. So much so that one of the most ambitious Oscar nominees this year, the Roman film was created entirely by Netflix. We ‘ve been focusing on the best films Netflix has ever released for you. Enjoy your stay.



  • ROMA


Launched as Netflix’s best production, the Roman film bears the signature of famous director Alfonso Cuaron. The film is highly ambitious among the 2019 Oscar nominees and focuses on the life story of a Mexican maid, Cleo. In addition to this life story, the film shows the social conditions of Mexico in the 1970s.




  • The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs


The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, directed by famous directors Ethan and Joel Coen, is an anthology film from a different story bar. The film, which won two Oscar nominations this year, is seen as a series of delight.




  • The Annihilation


Annihilation, Netflix’s science fiction film, focuses on the extraordinary events experienced by leaders who were quarantined and sent to this area. Director Alex Garland combines a sci-fi concept with stunning visuals and horror features for an exciting female led-film in Annihilation. The film, which stars Natalie Portman and Oscar Isaac, is one of Netflix’s successful productions. 



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  • Bird Box


Bird Box, one of the best productions of this year, became Netflix’s most-watched film in a short time. Starring Oscar-winning Sandra Bullock, the film reveals a post-apocalyptic world. If you enjoy such apocalyptic scenarios, Bird Box is for you.



  • OKja 


Netflix’s Okja, which competes for the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival, tells the story of Mija, a magnificent animal called his best friend, Okja. The successful film cast includes Jake Gyllenhaal, Tilda Swinton, and Lily Collins.



  • Beast of No Nation


Directed by renowned director Cary Fukunaga, Beast of No Nation is one of Netflix’s first successful films. Idris Elba plays the leading role in the movie, which focuses on the story of a child who has suffered a terrible war in an African country.



  • Bright


Bright, Netflix’s fantasy genre is about a world where orcs and humans live together. Will Smith and Joel Edgerton starring the movie must be on your list.




  • Polar


Another film produced by Netflix this year, Polar focuses on the fact that Duncan Vizla, a man who has stopped hired murder, is still in the middle of the events. Mads Mikkelsen plays the leading role in the production, which draws attention with its resemblance to the famous film series John Wick.



  • Cargo


Cargo, a post-apocalyptic film by Netflix, brings zombies, one of the most famous examples of the horror genre, to focus. Martin Freeman, whom we know from Sherlock, is one of the best options for thrill lovers.




  • To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before
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The romantic comedy Netflix, “To All the Boys I and Loved Before” focuses on the chaos of life as a result of letters written by ordinary girl Lara Jean to the men she falls in love with. Noah Centineo and Lana Condor play the leading roles in the film, which was launched as one of Netflix’s most entertaining productions.

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