Beginner’s Guide to Playing Tennis


You’ve spent weeks watching the experts playing it out in the U.S. Open. Now, you’re ready to hit the ball — but you have no clue where to start. Whether you are interested in the outfits, the fellowship of team play or the stress release of throwing that ball with all your strength, tennis is also an excellent workout. You will burn up to 490 calories each hour playing a one-of-a-kind game.

Tennis can be a frustrating game, so if you are a novice, don’t expect a lot from your performance too soon. Here are the Tips to improve your performance 


How to Select Tennis Rackets

There are plenty of rackets to select from, together with the standard particularly great, even in the end of the scale. Rackets for novices and junior-sized rackets are relatively inexpensive but do not just go for the cheapest -Pick one that matches your own body and grip size. Request information from the sales assistant. Don’t assume that once a series has broken the racket is no good and needs to be thrown out. 


How to play the Game constantly 

You will play well one week, and then appallingly another, for no apparent reason. Do not get downhearted by this, it is normal! Just keep playing and your game will eventually sort itself out.


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Should I Join Tennis coaching classes 

The very best way to improve would be to take a few lessons. This will prevent you from picking up bad habits and give you the opportunity to meet people of a similar standard. Do some research into your local sports centers and tennis clubs to learn what they have available.


When to do the Stretching 

Consistently warm-up and cool-down before and after play. This should involve some stretching of your arms and thighs, and a few lights jogging. Do the same in the conclusion of the match, ending with all the stretches.


What food should I bring for the game 

Don’t forget to drink lots, especially during warm weather, and you may also take snacks. You will see professional players taking a drink or drinking soda in rest in play.


How to Beat the opponent in the Game 

Aim to strike the ball at waist height. It’s easier to hit the ball after it has bounced and is on its way down after it has reached the maximum point in the atmosphere. Tennis players will need to have the ability to respond to an opponent’s shots by moving around the court immediately. Skipping with a rope can improve your footwork and co-ordination.


How Consistently Maintain the game 

There are various sorts of friction for different shots. Either take lessons or talk to an experienced player to give you advice. Bad habits, in the beginning, will be harder to break. It doesn’t matter how fast you are about in the court if you are losing after only a few games. A fantastic frequent aerobic exercise will help. You could get that simply by playing more tennis or taking the time to play other sports.


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Control Your Temper While Playing


Forget about what has gone before, especially if you’ve lost the previous point, and concentrate on the point you’re presently playing. Getting frustrated or angry doesn’t help you perform better, doing so can often result in someone becoming so mad that they can fail altogether – this is known as’tilt’, and it is a frequent expression known in many sports where emotion overrides a cool, calm and collected approach.



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