8 Tips For Buying Shoes That Are Good To Your Feet

Probably, everyone at least once bought shoes, which he later could not wear. In the store, it seemed that the pair was sitting perfectly, and in the process of wearing new shoes began to crush, rub, and, ultimately, went back to the box, and did not flaunt their feet. So that you no longer make such mistakes, we have collected eight useful tips on how to choose shoes.


Evening shopping

To choose the shoes, it is better to go shopping in the evening. After a long working day, the legs sometimes swell so that the volume may vary. To be sure of the right choice, it is recommended to try on shoes first in the morning and then in the evening. This recommendation is relevant for everyone who plans to buy shoes in which they will spend the whole day.


Try Shoes in the Evening

High heel shoes have a unique charm. They improve motion, lengthen legs, become a decoration of a woman. But, despite a large number of advantages, with the wrong selection of shoes, you can get injured. To avoid buying low-quality shoes, before paying for the selected pair, slightly press on the shoes. When the heel is “driven back,” shoes are not worth buying.


Take a close look to your Feet size

The question of how to choose shoes that are comfortable daily confronts those who decide to purchase through an online shoe store. You should not rely only on the size of the legs since the length of the foot varies with age. Before ordering sandals, shoes, boots, it is recommended that you first measure the length of your foot so as not to make a mistake with the size, then decide on the fullness. When buying in a store, try on shoes on both legs and give preference to one where both feet are comfortable.


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Walk on Hard Surface to Check the Comfortability

Shoe stores, shopping centers are equipped with special soft coatings for fitting products. On this surface, any shoes seem incredibly comfortable, soft. But remember that you will have to walk on hard floors and uneven road. Therefore, when trying on, be sure to walk on a hard surface.


Check the Foot layout before Conform Purchasing 

If you want to give a gift to a loved one, and buy shoes without trying on, use the layout of the foot. To create, place the foot on a piece of paper, circle it with a pencil or pen, then cut the finished design. If you are going to choose shoes, put the layout on the insole. The fit should be perfectly even, and there should be no folding of paper.


Check your Feet Feels Comfortable 

Never rush when trying on. Listen to your feelings. If you have a narrow sock, an uncomfortable pad, and the wrong volume, refuse to buy. When trying on shoes, it is recommended to walk in it for at least 5 minutes. After the specified time, inspect the legs for redness, traces of compression.

Before heading to the checkout, inspect the pair. Insoles should be removed, inside the pair, there should be no bulky seams, protruding threads, sharp edges.


Replace the shoe Regularly 

Do not forget about the need to change shoes in the cold season at the office. Regular changes to a more comfortable pair at work will help maintain ease of walk and prevent leg fatigue.



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