6 Ways to Build Start Your Dream Job

I have a cousin who’s been thinking of quitting his job for the last five years. I have a friend who’s been talking about to start his own business for the previous ten years. I hear these two scenarios from different people every day.


Many people who want to be entrepreneurs do not know where to start. From the outside, starting a business may seem frightening and impossible. If a lot of people with fewer skills, time and resources can do it (from all walks of life and all age groups), you can. Entrepreneurship is a taught and learned skill.


Before I take a look at the list below, I would like to help you overcome the main obstacle. You may not know how to start a business and where to start.

Here are some ways to resign and start your dream job:


1 – Find a designer and take advantage of the Invasion app

This step covers web or mobile-based jobs. You have no product, but you have an idea. No problem. You can make a good start. Now you should create a demo. The demo will show you what your website / mobile app looks like and what its functions are. It will be beneficial for potential users, customers, partners, or investors.

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First, find a designer to model your mobile or web application the way you want. Use reference sites to reduce costs and get design details as the design is a subjective thing. Then import these models and add them to the Invision app.

Did I mention that you can become a free member of Invision? This is awesome.


2 – Take advantage of Facebook ads

You have two ideas, but you’re not sure which one to implement. Create two simple target pages for each idea. You get the basic email capture form within both destination pages. Then create two separate Facebook ads that promote each idea. Whichever gets more emails, start with that idea and use this list as your first users, recipients, or customers.


3 – Build a site

WordPress and GoDaddy can help you create an attractive website with simple visual creators. By little effort, you can create a professional-looking website. Using this website will help you gain instant credibility through web presence.


4 – Sell to your friends and family

The truth is that your family and friends are the most accessible destinations. If you are looking for customers or users, your family and friends will be your first customers.


5 – Create your customer base through Instagram and website

We tested the ideas through Instagram and WordPress websites that I’ve built myself. I’m setting up a niche to test. For example, I recently created websites for exercise athletes. I identified those who led the industry and used Crowdfire to follow their followers. Then I contacted his followers via Instagram and published articles and used the right hashtags to attract more attention. To increase traffic, I added my website to my profile name.

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6 – Part-time

I know some people won’t agree. Some people think that a project needs a full-time focus. But this is not realistic. Please note that you have bills to pay. You should reduce your expenses as much as possible. Part-time employment helps reduce financial pressures and shape your new life.

I love initiatives, and I like to build something. Through my different achievements, I have learned to create products that people will like. I learned valuable and practical lessons from my mistakes. Being an entrepreneur is fun, exciting, whipping, and risky.

If you’re thinking of starting a business, do it. Worst of all, you change your direction and learn something new.



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